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Tower Light Monitor
1750-TLM Tower Light Monitor

Potomac Instrument's 1750-TLM can help you meet requirements for tower light monitoring safely and effectively.

Designed with the Broadcaster in mind the 1750-TLM provides built in flexibility to simplify even the most complicated installations. It can even alarm for single bulb failures on towers with Beacons and Obstruction lights on a single circuit. Status oututs eliminate the worry of operator interpretation and provide definitive Good-Bad indications for the operator and your logging equipment. Don't let tower light failures expose you to increased liability, the 1750-TLM is compatible with most existing control equipment and may well provide your best return on investment this year!

Configuration Four comparators each with an adjustable dc reference voltage and an output open-drain MOSFET which can be turned on or off when the input voltage goes below or above the reference. Each input incorporates a detector for an AC input from tower lighting current sampling transformers.
Output Limits +50V max., 100 mA max., 0.3 w max.
Input Range 0-3V AC rms max., (0-7.5V dc max.)
Logic On board circuitry for combining detected conditions with logic "OR" or logic "AND" functions. Incorporates one external input to allow "Daisy Chaining" of logic outputs from multiple units.

9 3/4" x 5 1/4" x 2 1/2" (Aluminum Housing)
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
Power Requirements 115V AC or 230V AC, 50-60 Hz, 10 VA
Temperature Range 0 deg.C - 40 deg.C ambient, operating
Optional Accessories Simpson current sample transformer:
Mdl 186, Cat. #01321 Rated for currents to 50 Amperes.

Maryland Torroid current sample transformer: Mdl 12525 Flexible for a wide range of currents by selecting the turns of primary wire applied and the terminating resister used.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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  • Designed for Broadcast Tower Applications
  • FAA/FCC Compliance Assist
  • Four Separate Inputs
  • Power Line Tracking
  • Photocell Inhibit
  • "AND"/"OR" Logic Election
  • Detects Single Lamp Failures
  • "Daisy Chain" Capability for Multi-Tower Applications
  • Monitors Beacons and/or Obstruction Lights
  • Binary Logic Status Outputs for Remote Control Interface