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AG-51 Audio Generator
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The AG-51 Audio Generator contains a low distortion 20 Hz to 200 kHz sine wave generator, an SMPTE standard intermodulation signal generator and a fixed frequency sine wave generator at 3.15 kHz for wow and flutter tests. Signal outputs are simultaneously available at levels of up to +20 dBm (equivalent sine wave power for complex signals) at separate left (L OUT) and right (R OUT) output connectors. Outputs may be selected for left (L) only, right (R) only, left and right in phase (L+R), and left and right in phase opposition (L-R). Fully balanced or unbalanced outputs at impedance levels 150 ohms or 600 ohms are front panel selectable. Three precision attenuators (10, 1.0 and 0.1 dB) provide a dynamic range of 99.9 dB in 0.1 dB steps. Attenuator dials display the output level directly in dBm in the 150 ohm source impedance configuration. Automatic output leveling circuitry with a built-in self-test feature provides a constant output level thereby eliminating the need for output metering. In the TEST mode the generator output level is reduced to zero, a useful feature during noise measurements.

The time constant of the leveling control loop is determined by a front panel switch. For rapid frequency response measurements, this switch is set to the FAST RESPONSE position. This feature enables the operator to evaluate frequency response of the device under test (amplifier, filter, etc.) with a manual sweep of the frequency dial and multiplier switch. For distortion measurements, the switch is set to the LOW DIST position. This mode of operation provides minimum distortion with a slightly longer control loop time constant for accurate signal analysis at any specific frequency.

Frequency Range: 20Hz to 200kHz in four decade ranges

   3.15 KHz

Left only
Right only
Left & Right in phase
Left & Right 180° out of phase
Composite 60Hz & 7kHz @ 4:1 ratio,
(SMPTE Standard)
Fixed wow & flutter signal,
(IEEE Standard 193-1971)
Output Impedance
   Fully Balanced

150 or 600 ohms, switch selected
150 or 600 ohms, switch selected
Output Level (no atten.)
   Sine Wave Signals

   IM Signal

+20dBm (7.75 V) across 600 ohm load,
15.5 V open circuit
0dBm (0.387 V) across 150 ohm load,
0.774 V open circuit
Peak-to-peak voltage of composite waveform is equal to peak-to-peak voltage of +20dBm sine wave across 600 ohm load, 0dB sine wave across 150 ohm load
Output Level Accuracy ± db (20Hz - 100kHz)
± dB (100kHz - 200kHz)
Attenuation Range 0 to 99.9 dB in 0.1dB steps
Attentuation Accuracy
   0 to 10 db
   >10 db

± 1.5% of attenuation in dB
± 2dB (maximum)
Intrinsic Distortion *
    20Hz - 10kHz
    10kHz - 20kHz
    Incidental FM(3.15kHz)

Low Distortion:       Fast Response:
less than 0.05%         less than 1%
less than 0.8%           less than 1%
less than 0.03%
less than 0.01%
Hum and Noise less than 80 dB below rated output
Dial Accuracy ± 3%
Power 117 Vac, (230 Vac option) 50/60 Hz, 9W
   with cover, lb. (kg)

12 (5.44)

   Optional Raction Mount
15.25 (38.74) W; 5.25 (13.34) H;
10.13 (25.75) D
5.25 (13.34) Rack space required
* Slightly higher R output in L-R, UNBAL mode.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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AG-51 Audio Generator enlarged view

  • Transformerless Stereo Outputs (balanced or unbalanced)
  • Output Level +20 dBm across 600 ohms 0 dBm across 150 ohms
  • Stereo Matrix Switch L, R, L-R, L+R
  • Precision 10 dB, 1.0 dB, and 0.1 db Step Attenuators
  • High Level of RF Shielding