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    FIM 71 & FIM 72

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Covers 200 to 550 kHz frequency spectrum.
Utilizes 6 "D" batteries (not included).

Field Intensity Meter
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 Covers 540 kHz to 5.0 MHz frequency spectrumin two bands.
 Utilizes 6 "D" batteries (not included).

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Covers the 45 to 225 MHz frequency spectrum.
Utilizes 10 "D" batteries (not included).
FIM-71 Field Strength Meter

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Covers 450 to 960 MHz frequency spectrum.
Utilizes 10 "D" batteries (not included).
FIM-72A Field Strength Meter


HS-11 Headset for all models $ 40.00  
SOFT CASE Padded Soft Carrying Case Made of 400 denier Pack Cloth. Suitable for all Potomac Field Intensity Meters. (Please specify meter to be carried.) $ 210.00  
UNIPOD Telescoping stand for all models. $ 145.00  
ANT-71 Calibrated VHF Dipole Antennna (spare) for FIM 71 $ 1,540.00  
Replacement Antenna Element (AE-71) for ANT-71 $ 50.00  
ANT-72 Calibrated UHF Dipole Antenna (spare) for FIM-72A $ 2,795.00  
AC-72 117/230 VAC Adaptor for FIM-71, FIM-72 "Special Order Item"  
RO-71 Phone plug with internal potentiometer for adjustable record output for all models. $ 210.00  
TEST CABLES for use with FIM-71 and FIM-72A

B20145-4 44 in. Coax Test Cable, RG-223 $ 75.00  
B20145-5 34 ft. Coax Test Cable, RG-223 $ 165.00  


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