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  Field Strength Meters
FIM-22 and FIM-41 LF/MF/HF    PDF Field Strength Meter BrochurePDF Brochure

FIM-71 VHF      PDF Field Strenght Meter BrochurePDF Brochure  

FIM-72A UHF      PDF Field Strength MeterPDF Brochure

     Product Manuals and Guides

            Instruction Manuals

PDFFIM-41 Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions for the FIM-41 also applies to the FIM-21 and FIM-22
PDFFIM-71 Operating Instructions

PDFFIM-72 Operating Instructions

FIM 71 Antenna Parts (illustrated)

FIM 72 Antenna Parts (illustrated)

FIM 71/72 Mast Parts (illustrated)

     Field Intensity Meter Catalog
FIM-22 and FIM-41 LF/MF/HF

FIM 71 and FIM 72

  Audio Instrumentation
AA-51A Automatic Analyzer    PDF Field Strenght Meter BrochurePDF Brochure

AG-51 Audio Generator      PDF Field Strenght Meter BrochurePDF Brochure  


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Legacy Products

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