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RX-31 Receiver Option
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The RX-31 is designed specifically as an RF interface between an impedance bridge and the SD-31 Coherent Detector. Conveniently mounted in the protective cover of the SD-31, the RX-31 is a single conversion super heterodyne receiver which derives its local oscillator signal and power supply voltage from the SD-31. Receiver circuitry is packaged in an aperature-free, drawn aluminum enclosre which provides excellent RF shielding, IF selectivity is provided by active bandpass filters which limit receiver bandwidth to100 Hz.

RX-31 Receiver Option

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  Manually tuned in 3 bands:
    0.1-0.3 MHz
    0.3-0.8 MHz
    0.8-2.0 MHz

  Manual with overload indicator.

  100 KhZ-1.9995 mHz,
automatically set by SD-31.